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Forum » General Forum » Member Introductions » Meet The Crew
Meet The Crew
Cheezypuff Date: Monday, 10-Aug-09, 4:31 PM | Message # 1                                                                                        
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Steve "SteveJ37"-
My name is Steve and I was the original starter of JD Racing from back in 2007. We started out as a freewebs site and moved onto freephpnuke. From there we gained the crew that we now have and most have stayed with us. Now with tthis site being a bit dead we have some plans of rebuilding but are not sure on details yet.
For me, I started painting in july of 2007 posting my work at From there I joined RainbowPaintDesigns but with the site falling and many things going on I left and shortly afterwards was invited to join the SRD administration. Right now I am retired from painting and have gotten in Motorsport Simulations. Since i recently purchased Adobe Photoshop CS4 so do plan on returing to sim painting.

Jon "Nasfan1"-
Well most of you should (hopefully -_-) already know who i am. but for those of you who don't know my names Jonathan but you will call me Jon if you wish to live. Im one of 3 Co-owners of JD Racing. Im the owner of the JDRA and run the Shell Elite and Truck Divisions of it. My favorite pass time is either Racing NR2003 online or Owning at Call of Duty 5 (if you have a 360, xbox live, and CoD 5, you must give me your Gamertag so me and Dylan may Royally own you.) Favorite Nascar driver is of course Jeff Gordon, Favorite Indy Car driver is Tony Kanaan, dont really have a favorite F1 driver, i currently live in Villa Rica Georiga (just out side of Atlanta) Ive been to the Aarons 499 and 312 twice (last 2 years) (word of advice for anyone planning on going to dega, if your bringing a back pack carry it at the entrance gate dont wear it on your back they dont allow that for what ever reason, also bring plenty of your own water its really hot in those stands and its $4 per bottle.) ;)

Travis "Cheezypuff"-
Well you guys have noticed me around alot. I was one of the first crew members of JDRacing/Johnson Designs back in 2007. I was a little off and on, not to sure about painting back in 2008. As many of you know, I've been around the block with painting. I started at NNR for a bit, then got a message from Steve asking me to join, obviously I said yes. I got out of NNR after that. I was the main NASCAR Racing 2002 Season painter here for a while, then we got a couple new guys that would paint for 2002, then I took one of my absences. Then came back painting for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. I became a crew member of R** mid-2008. I've made many many base schemes for the COT mod. One of which has been ripped before, I guess I'm mostly known for the 2009 Jeff Gordon base. Many people still use it, and I never get credit for it anymore, just R**. Sometimes I get a little ticked by that but oh well. I got back into 2002 after Rob Cage made the 2008 COT templates, I whipped up that 2008 carset pretty quick after that. Then came back in 2009 better than ever with the 2009 Mini-Mod. I started updating tracks in December of 2008. I started editing game files in May of 2009, and now here we are. I hope to make many more memories here and I hope you have a good time, too.

"Last time I checked, this wasn't the Kyle Busch Show, it's a Nationwide race" - Brian Vickers
Forum » General Forum » Member Introductions » Meet The Crew
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