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Forum » General Forum » General Discussion » JD Racing Rules/Guidelines
JD Racing Rules/Guidelines
Nasfan1 Date: Friday, 17-Apr-09, 7:00 PM | Message # 1                                                                                        
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Basic Rules
-No Flaming
-No profanity, there are younger users viewing the forums.
-No Pornography
-No discussing of illegal activities (Torrents, Wares, Ect.)
-No spamming.
-No multiple user accounts, one account only.

Presentation Forums
-Include credits for every graphic
-Include img tags - [IMG]picture link[/IMG]
-Do NOT present anything that is either not your work or contains content in which no permission of use was given.

Signatures may not be any larger then 60x468 px. If your image is larger then then 60x468 px the image will be removed and you will be imformed of the image size. We don't want the forums cluddered with huge images.

This is not your cell phone, this is a public forum. The administrators are tired of the constant posts that are using bad grammar. Your will receive a "-1" reputation change and your post will be removed. We don't want this to seem to extreme but the amount of use of improper grammar is ridiculous, and everyone here is tired of it.

Banning Policy
The administration will determine the ban length for any situation. Do not argue with the administration, what we say, goes.

Problems/Suggestions for the website
If you have any kind of issue or suggestion for the webiste here do NOT post it in the public forums. Send an administrator a pm with what you desire to say. Taking up issues in the public forum will get your posts deleted and will result in a ban. We want to deal with any problems/suggestions you have, however we are tired of people ostign the crap in the public forums.

Forum rules last updated Sep 3rd, 2009.

Forum » General Forum » General Discussion » JD Racing Rules/Guidelines
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