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Still Here
Highbank Date: Sunday, 14-Dec-14, 1:02 PM | Message # 1                                                                                        
Go-Kart Racer
Staff Member
Posts: 66
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Status: Offline
I come back in here every few months to see what's happening if anything. I wonder who has the keys to the site, I know David Carter was kind of doing a restart at one point, but that fizzled. So here it is the end of 2014 and JD Racing is still here though silent.

If you are like me and check in here occasionally, make a post here just for old times sake...
goggles_pisano Date: Saturday, 04-Apr-15, 0:47 AM | Message # 2                                                                                        
Arca Driver
JD Racing Member
Posts: 264
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Reputation: 5
Status: Offline
WOW!!!!! I have not done anything with n2003 for at least 2 years but just installed it in a new PC and saw the link to this place was still up at nnracing and was shocked. I would of thought JD Racing would of ceased to be a few years ago but low and behold it is still alive, even if it is on life support. 

Now the other wild thing, I remembered the old, now shut down email address I used for logging in. If that was possible perhaps there might be hope for this site after all.  :p
Forum » General Forum » General Discussion » Still Here
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